The case of the scottsboro boys started in scottsboro, Alabama in the 1930's, when nine black children randging from ages 13 to 19,
we accused of raping two white women. They were Victoria price and Ruby bates. Then nine youths were convicted to death sentence by an all white jury, and one who was thirteen was sentenced to life in prison.Thsi was regarded as one of the the worst travisties of justice against blacks in the south.
the case quickly became an international cause. the boys were represented by the american comunist partys legal defense orginization,
the death sentenced originally scedueled to be carried out quickly, were postponed penndindg appeals that hooked the case all the way to the U.S.
surpreme court.On March 25, 1931, the nine boys were accused of raping two white women. Authorities pleaded againstg mob violence by promising speedy trials and executions. The boys were indicated by a Grand Jury. All except the 13 year old were convicted and sentenced to death, the 13 year old was sentenced to life in prison.
judge Hawkins set the executions for July 10th, 1931, the earliest date Alabama law allowed,the defendants were imediatly sent to death row, at Kirby prison Montgomery Alabama.

The calling out of the national guard had made there trial national media, the New York and the associated press reported the trial, which caused a demistartion of Harlem,the cause of the scottsboro defendants,had also come to the attention of the american communist party. So the boys got a real trail at the supreme court.

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