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Pictures of Alabama during the

There are many traditions in Alabama. One of which is football, everybody watches and/or listens to football. Ofcourse, their most favorite team is University of Alabama. The traditional music in Alabama is old folk music. Most of this music was developed during the late 30s and early 40s. Most of this music based on the country and bluegrass style of music.


Alabama was first one of the largest Native American settlements in the entire North America. The following indians were located in Alabama; Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Koasati, and Mobile. The French then founded the first European settlement in Alabama in the year 1702; and this settlement was located near present day Mobile. Alabama then became the 22nd state in 1819. Its constitution provided for universal suffrage for white men. Alabama was then part of the new frontier during the 1820s and the 1830s. According to the 1860 census, 45% of Alabama's population was enslaved African Americans. In 1861, Alabama declared its part of the Confederate States of America. After the civil war, the state was still rural and tied with cotton. Jim Crow Laws were then set into place to limit the freedoms of the African Americans in the state. The planters still refused to pay for labor and demanded for slaves.


Segregation was never fully institutionalized until the begining of the 20th century. During the 1920's and 30's a group of black Alabamians tried to escape segregation by claiming they had Native American ancestors. Also at this time in court case prosecutors established defendants' race by showing wheather the person had gone to a black or white church or school. In some ways, segregation enabled moderate whites to provide limited benifits and/or accommidations for blacks without threatening white supremacy. Elements of segregation were toppled when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 banned segregation in public accomodations and employment. later, the Civil Rights act of 1968 prohibited discrimanation in housing and by the end of the 1960's the state was no longer legally permitted to seperate whites and blacks.